Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Crown Items.

A couple days Ago we got another new crown item.  This time its Fairy Wing mounts.  Coming in Orange, Purple and Blue.   So, here is the video that I made for it on youtube. 

So anyways that is the video. 

Also Today, I'd like to talk about Giveaways and Contests that are happening right now.   The first one is my $10 Walmart Giftcard Giveaway on wizard101central.  The giftcard will give you a Storm Colossus Pet and 5000 crowns (or one month subscription to wizard101)   The giveaway link can be found here.   

Another contest I have seen is a code giveaway about every three hours on twitter from @KIFG.   Their twitter page can be found right here.

So that was today's post.   Have a great rest of the week, and see ya later! :)


Monday, June 20, 2011

Test Realm Online - June 2011

The test realm has just been released in June 2011!   The main feature of this is a new cutscene in the malistaire storyline.    I haven't seen it yet.   But I am just telling everyone about it.    I gambled on the Dragon's Hoard pack and got my hat, robe, boots and wand in my first 5 tries.   I also got 3 Vigilant Dragons and 1 Sea Dragon!   Plus I got a bunch of crap....

My Death Reaches Level 58

I have finally reached level 58 on my death wizard, Justin Moonhaven.    He is going to get Skeletal Dragon right now.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Complete Guide to Nastrond

Illustrated Guide to Nastrond
The Final Instance in Wintertusk.

This guide will show you everything you need to know about the final instance in Wintertusk. And it will completed with Pictures


The First Fight that you will be in when you enter the instance is fighting Winter Skulls. They are Ice mobs with 2110 hit points and tend to spam Frost Giants, Colossus and A lot of Tower Shields. You will obtain this quest from Dulin Helmsplitter and will have to collect a Rune Carving from them. Now you mostly will collect this on your first try, but you won't always. They also are very easy to get pulled in by, as they walk up your ramp to walk down.

After you collect the Rune Carvings, you will have to go back to Dulin and he will give you 5400 xp and then tells you go and obtain his hammer. Once you get his sharp hammer, you break down the icy wall covering the entrance to the first boss fight.


The First boss fight you will be in this instance is the fight against Kulgrim Soulsunder. He is a rank 10 Ice boss that comes with a Snow Skull, the same mob that you fought in the beginning of Wintertusk. My stratagy for this fight is to have one wizard to remove tower shields and also attack when needed. Use one life wizard to heal you up as this boss will also spam Blizzards and Colossuses. Then when you have loaded your high attacker, like a Fire or Storm, kill the boss well the life or you kill the Snow Skull in the same round. That is the best way to get rid of those bosses in no time at all.

After you defeat this boss, you will be sent to Truda Stoutheart and will get almost 10,000 xp for this
and some gold. Then you will be directed to your next boss fight. And the rest of this dungeon is mostly boss fights.

Now you have to go find Hauk's Horn. Once you find his horn you have to go and Locate the Icy bridge and then cross it. Once you cross this bridge you find another Ice boss named Thellik Coldclaws.


Thellik Coldclaws will speak to you before the fight saying,
"How did you get down here? No matter... you'll meet the same ruin as the rest of the thane's foolish warband! I will leave you to the mercies of my icy ally here."

Which if you read carfully, it makes a lot of sence.

Now here comes the stratagy for this fight.

My stratagy for the fight of the third Ice creature that you come to is mostly the same as the last fight we did, but this time I'd leave the life to attack, rather than heal. Just shield up in the beginning of the fight and the blade and trap up and with all four of you in the same round, to attack with your level 58 or 48 spells. You should be able to kill him and his Frost Troll minion. Then when you kill him, you will be directed to speak to Hauk Horncaller, the one you took the horn from to walk over the bridge.


Hauk will give you 10,375 experience for this fight. And then he gives you the quest "A Hello to Arms" where you have to go and fight Frost Trolls till you collect the Sword and Shield. The Frost Trolls are once again Ice mobs and they have about 1200 health. This fight is pretty easy as are the other mob fights in here. Next you will go to Hauk Horncaller again after you collect his sword and shield.

After you turn "A Hello to Arms" in you will get the quest "A Magic Flute" where you have to go and find Hauk's Flute. And then locate the Root Wall and apperently whistle to get in. Then you will have to locate Rune's Chamber where you get to fight 'Rune's Band.'


Now is one of the hardest boss fights in the instance, besides the final Frost Giants.

The coven speak to you before this fight and say,
"You may have gotten this far, but here is where you stop! My magic has ensnared Dulin's war-band to my will!"

Now the first boss for stratagy that we are going over is the life boss, Agnetta Broadblad. She has 6,655 health points and heals her and her friends up a lot with Regenerate. The reason i'm going over her first, is because she is the boss you should get rid of first. Now the whole thing you should do to her is first blade up and use good single enemy attacks on her well keeping healed up in the mean while. Then you should be able to finish her up after healing. The second boss to kill is gonna be Njal Silversong, the balance boss with 5,720 health and also Judgements and shields him and his friends with Elemental and Spirit traps. For the whole fight, it'll be mostly the same stratagy except to heal for some of the strong attackers. So the balance boss isn't that hard, but should be a goner as fast as possible. The Next boss to get rid of is the Storm boss, Ulfang Greathorn. He has 3,005 health, but should be killed A.S.A.P. because he has a lot of good storm attacks, including Storm Lord and Triton. My statagy for this boss is gonna be, ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK. Until he is dead, which shouldn't take long, thinking that he has 3,005 health points. Now you might want to heal, which your life friend should take care of, because he will spam his attack frequently and he starts with 6 power pips. The last boss to get rid of is the fire boss, Thorfin Treetamer. One reason to do this last, is because he really doesn't use his attacks as much as the other bosses, although he spams Magma Colossus and Meteor Strike. What you should do for this is just to heal up after killing Ulfang and then use attacks again, mostly should be saved all for the same round, that way you can kill him in the round with his 3,695 health points. So that was the stratagy for the 4 bosses before the giants at the end.

After you complete this fight you will go right to Agnetta Broadblade and get 10,000 xp again.

Now the last fight in here is the Sons of Ymir fight. You will obtain it right when you finish "A Magic Flute" This quest is called "Rune with a view" and it is worth about 5000 expierience.

The first thing you have to do when you get this quest is carve the Y, M, I and R runestones. Then you will locate Jotengard. The next thing you get will say at the bottom of your screen, is "Defeat the Sons of Ymir" Which are Austri, Sudri, Nordri and Vestri.


This fight is the most important in wintertusk, and they are the final bosses of WT. There are 4 bosses in this fight, Named Austri (Ice), Vestri (Life), Sudri (Moon), Nordri (Death). There is a special cheat that these guys all use, and they are pretty much playing a game of tag for the whole battle. Everytime they change, they will say "Tag your It" and won't tell you which one is it. But it is pretty easy to tell which one is it. They will cast a stun shield every time a new one is it. There are many statagies to this battle, but here is mine. You want to have a lot of spells to have in your hand for powerful and time efficiant attacking. The things that you should do in this battle are use strong AoE's like Ra, Frost Angel, Forest Lord and Fire Dragon. You should also want to have a lot of single attacks and just use them with traps on the one who is it currently. You also will want to have a balance wizard to give you balance blades, bladestorms and elemental/spirit blades. Kill Vestri the life boss before killing any of the others as he will heal him and the bosses up very frequently. There are a couple things you should NEVER do in this battle, unless you want them to rebirth or use a 58 class spell. Don't use traps to someone who isn't it, if you trap Vestri without him being it, he will rebirth without using any pips and you wasted yours well they get healed. Never attack someone with a single attack like Efreet, Medusa or Skeletal Dragon without them being it. One thing to make Vestri cheat like crazy is to kill all his brothers before killing him. So, I wouldn't reccomend doing that. So that was my very long stratagy to the final bosses of wintertusk.

These guys drop some really good amulets and we have seen the lifeforce blade get dropped from them.

Do you enjoy reading? Well then that was the guide for you, that was a very well thought out novel by me. Thanks and more guides to come.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Guide to Finding Black Lotus in Mooshu.

This is my first guide on my blog.    It is routes to finding Black Lotus in Mooshu!   So here I will start with Cave of Solitude.    

Thanks and more places to come!!

The Evil Sandman

On Tuesday, when Pet-Palooza ended, the new pet "Evil Sandman" got released to the spiral in the crown shop for 2000 crowns.   It gives a sandstorm card at baby and starts with a 59 pedigree balance pet.    This pet is very cool I think.   Cause its a snowman but made of sand.   I'd really like to see something like this for the next balance attack spell.    This pet also has some new talents that are only currently on this pet like "Power Player" which can give you a power play card in the middle of a battle, also has spritely and can get hexster.   So I do recommend spending some of your crowns on this pet, as it'll be a great pet.

Here is a picture of my cute sandman

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lord of the Rings Online!

Today I am talking about the really new (for me) fun game that I found out from Edward Lifegem and Autumn Dreamwalker.   It is Lord of the Rings online or LOTRO.  Its obviously based on the books "Lord of the Rings."   This is what Autumn D. said about the game, "It reminds me a lot of RIFT, but easier."   So thats what it is, Rift but easier, and FREE.   The thing that is making me talk about this game, is because wizard101 is getting so boring.   It just can't be fun until some new content gets released to the game.   So that was the topic of today.